WE WILL FAIL is Aleksandra Grunholtz`s project, of which the author speaks suggesting digging into the motive of seeking and randomness in the creating art.

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    The viewers of the Kiev`s edition of the Art Meetings festival will have an opportunity to listen to WE WILL FAIL during the concert on 20th of November.

    In the meantime, we invite you to read the interview with the artist.

    Igor Waniurski: On your website you write that your project is focusing on „the pleasure of roaming”, would you like to tell us what do you mean by that?

    Aleksandra Grunholz: The sounds in my musical pieces can be sometimes not very nice, dirty, the compositions are incorrect. Certain traces in it are unsuccessful, the sounds end not in that moment that you would expect.  This pleasure is all about the lack of fear from making mistakes and at the same time it`s about treating fear as an inseparable part of the artistic process.

    In your compositions you use fieldwork recordings. I am interested how do you approach collecting such materials, how do you search for sound spaces in which you do your recordings, what do you look for in such sounds?

    When I record, I usually look for something intriguing, atmosphere or mood. I work now in such a way less and less frequent.

    What do you mean? What caused this change of working style?

    I record sounds definitely less often.  My interest has moved into construction of rhythmical structures, building-up and interchanging rhymes, its development and changes during the piece. I`m no longer paying so much attencion to the source of sound. I`m more engrossed by how already composed musical piece are interfering.

    From what do you start working on the piece, is its base a planned rhythmical structure, in which for instance, mentioned earlier fieldwork sounds are re-played or maybe they are the base for further work?

    It`s different every one and again, though the work starts from the idea. I have an image of how the composition should sounds like. I am searching for means which will bring closer what I do to what I have in my mind. Fieldwork sounds are for me fully-fledged parts of the piece. They could, for example, help creating the melody or after cutting them into smaller parts, be a rhythmical track.

    What kind of expectations do you have regarding the Kiev`s concert during Art Meetings Festival?

    None in particular. I am intrigued to see the space in which the concerts will be held and people whom, because of festival, I will be able to encounter.

    I would like to ask you– is it your first concert in Ukraine?  How is your art perceived abroad? You have recently performed in Hungary and Austria.

    Yes, indeed, it will be my first time in Ukraine. It seems to me that my artistic output is well viewed abroad. Actually, I don`t see a big difference between reception of my music in Poland and abroad. People who are coming to the gigs are equally open-mined and have a kind interest in music.

    What are your artistic plans for the nearest future?

    I am publishing new album this spring and in the meantime I am working on another project, not a solo one.

    Can you give us with more details about this?

    The solo album will be a two-part publication, each one completely different. The teaser will soon appear in the Internet with more details. On the second project – I don`t want to say more for now.

    What can the Kiev`s audience expect from WE WILL FAIL`s performance?

    The audience can expect something energetic, diverse and hopefully off the beaten track.

    Author: Igor Waniurski.