Art Meetings is not only about concerts, discussions and meetings.

We strongly believe that our actions are only filled when we cross the barrier : artist – spectator, and let ourselves create a wholly new quality of meetings between artists and the local community. We want to share our experience and stimulate to reveal and create our talents.

That is why we do our best during every Art Meetings edition to prepare fascinating and adventurous workshops.

This year the following workshops will be available:

Workshops „Samoróbka”

“Samoróbka” is a workshop project which is unique in the world and which is carrying out by Paweł Romańczuk, the leader of the band Małe Instrumenty from Wrocław. An unusual idea for the workshops is dedicated to musical instruments made in a single-handed manner.

Each of the participants will have an unique opportunity to impersonate a constructor of the musical instrument as well as an artist performing with the instrument made by himself.

Who knows, maybe we will discover new and original artists thanks to this event?

The experiences will aim towards discovering their own solutions, experiments, stimulating creativity accepting not only successes but also profitable failure. In the contrast to the consumer reality these workshops are new reflection about the essence of their own creativity and development on different stages of life.

Paweł Romańczuk realized the workshops named “Samoróbka” more than 50 times, in Poland, Austria, Turkey, United States etc.

This intriguing idea will be realized in Ukraine the first time.

The workshops are dedicated for children and teachers.