concert - lviv

Sławomir Pezda

venue: (Polski) ДЗИҐА, вул. Вірменська, 35 Львів

Sławomir Pezda

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Sławomir Pezda was€“ b. October 29, 1988 in Kolbuszowa; started playing alto saxophone at the age of 10, beginning with classical music, completed Public Musical Elementary School in Mielec, and attended Musical General Education High School in Tarnów, where he became fascinated with jazz.

In subsequent years, he cultivated his interest in this genre while studying at the Jazz and Contemporary Music Department of the Krakow Academy of Music, where he often worked with big bands, as well as participating in numerous jazz workshops.
After three years of studies, he decided to switch from alto to tenor saxophone, and subsequently began to draw inspiration from many other musical genres, including free jazz, rock, punk, noise, electronic music, drum ‘n’ bass and breakcore, among others.

He has won top honors in a number of prestigious jazz competitions, such as Jazz Juniors, the Tarnów Jazz Contest, Krokus Jazz Festival, the “Key to a Career” competition, Novum Jazz Festival, Baszta Jazz Festival and Art Of Improvisation – both as a soloist and in groups. He is currently a member of formations such as Mike Parker’s Trio Theory, 3Kings,PeGaPoFo,  Pezda/Gawęda Duo, Cracow Jazz Collective, as well as his own original project The Flash!.