We present to you another project taking part in this year’s Lviv Art Meetings festival

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    A Czech-Slovakian musical amalgam of punk and hardcore approach with uncompromising improvised music, which is  Miro Tóth and Petr Vrba duet.

    Both of the musicians join together experiences from their art paths, full of different styles and various experiences.  One of them is an excellent improviser, the other- an ambitious composer. Together, they make up a perfectly complementary duet.

    Miro Tóth is a Slovak composer, saxophonist,vocalist and a lector, fascinated with improvised music and free jazz. He is also an author of solo instruments and chamber orchestra pieces, moreover, he creates film music.He also fulfils himself in conceptual audiovisual activity.

    Petr Vrba is one of the most active musicians of Prague improvised scene. He performed with many projects, collaborated with mass of artists, among others, George Cremaschi, Xavier Charles, Franz Hautzinger or Isabelle Duthoit. He is the music curator of  Communication SpaceŠkolská28 project which is a space for non-profit cultural events.

    The duet will perform in Lviv, on the 11th of September 2015.