Organizer of the festival is Polish ECLECTICA foundation.

The organizer of Art Meetings festival is a Polish foundation Eclectica. It emerged to join crucial European values and lay foundations for an intercultural bridge between Eastern and Western Europe. We create space for an open dialogue and a place to meet on a European level. For the integration of the nations and countries, as well as the cooperation of the multicultural environments, we center upon artistic, cultural, social, informative and scientific activity.

Eclectica foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical organization. We organize our projects in partnership with institutions and non-governmental organizations from various countries:

Active Media Ltd / Magazyn AZH
Ultrasound Foundation / UH Fest
A4 – Space For Contemporary Culture
Dock e.V.

Each year new organizations join us, if you are interested in collaboration write at this address:

Statut Fundacji Eclectica
Sprawozdanie Finansowe 2013
Sprawozdanie Merytoryczne 2013