Art Meetings is more than just a music festival.

It emerged as an idea of multicultural meetings held in Central-Eastern European countries.Our aim is the mutual approachment, cognition and cooperation of cultures from the same geographical region however divided by historical, social and political conditionings.

Art Meetings is a gathering which importance discloses in sounds. We communicate through the medium of a noble language of art and widely comprehended culture.

Starting with the first editions, we invite the most interesting artists from experimental music circles.  We consider such creative activity as the best  carrier of emotions and feelings. Abstraction leaves place for imagination and builds universal bridges over what divides us, on a common experience basis. We look upon our concerts, together with other events, as places where our guests and performers meet. Dissimilar experiences with a common denominator- integration of all the artists of the meeting.

We carry out music concerts, artistic workshops for both children and adults, multimedia internet platforms, happenings, expositions, together with other events engaging local communities. We invite musicians, journalists, managers, animators and activists as well as cultural and social institutions representatives from all over the world.

We are also engaged in the  international Share The Culture networking forum. It includes a series of discussions, meetings and lectures by worldwide experts. Their goal is to transfer knowledge and build solid partnerships between people of culture from Central – Eastern Europe and their colleagues from other regions. We develop the social and creative capital of the regions. We receive participants from Eastern Partnership, Russia, Germany and Visegrad and Nordic  countries.

The events are financed from the funds of The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Polish Institute in Kiev and Nordic Culture Fund.

The fifth edition of Art Meetings Festival will take place on  September 5-13 2015 in Lviv and November 20-22 in Kiev.