concert - dnipropetrowsk

Guido Möbius [de]

22:00, 05-11-2016

Guido Möbius [de]

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British ‘The Wire’ journalist wrote about him: ‘He’s one of a kind who somehow manages to be relentlessly experimental, genuinely funky and has a garish novelty all at the same time.”

In Möbius’s case, freedom in exploring different meanings of his own output doesn’t end in the studio. The best example to show it is his audience at the concerts, when Guido makes no attempt whatsoever to translate the album tracks into a live performance. On the contrary: with the help of no more than his guitar, his voice, a trumpet and loads of effect pedals, he creates them from scratches. It’s a place where the connection between the artist and the audience is created in between humour and hypnosis.

On stage Guido Möbius is surrounded by his serially connected effects units that he controls as if in a trance. Nothing is mysteriously conceived behind laptop screens. Möbius‘ music happens before his audiences‘ very eyes (and ears). In his live sets Möbius creates delicate links between experimentation, handmade techno, funk, and gospel music. Methodically prepared passages and improvisation combine into coherent sets.

His newest album ‘Batagur Baska’, was released in April 2016 by Shitkatapult, who cooperates with Apparat, duet Dat Politics and many other.