concert - dnipropetrowsk

DUNAEWSKY69 & JbezBO [ua]

01:00, 05-11-2016

DUNAEWSKY69 & JbezBO [ua]

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(Intuitive music) LIVE

Two real friends since birth Gladun Alexander / DUNAEWSKY69 / and Serhiy Zhyryhina / JbezBO  music found once – together at kindergarten, school, university  and simultaneously engaging in music – all this led to the first rehearsals, concerts and releases. The project HAIMORITH in 1997 was a collaboration split with Japanese cult band called  C.S.S.O. This album was released on DAC Productions label and was dispersed throughout the world immediately. Also there were projects like BASIN and OUTER OGRGASM. All of this music was performed in the styles of heavy music as a grind core, funny noise core, total noise.

Later Serhiy played in the black metal band BLACK INQUISITION, and recorded a new album for his solo project GNOM4. Alexander completely gave his forces to the quite known ukrainian project DUNAEWSKY69.
During this time both of artist were involved in the process of mastering of new parallel appliances, tools, experimental music i combination with academic school. Now Serhiy and Alexander arrange improvisation and jam recording sessions. At the moment they are preparing to record a new album and and they play intuitive music now.